Why Do We Exist?

Provic originated in country towns and provincial cities in Victoria over 40 years ago in response to a demand from local communities for lending that was not being met by the city – centric mainstream banks. An investment in a Provic company was also seen as an opportunity to use local funds to grow and develop the communities themselves, through investment in local projects and businesses which in turn would add to the wealth of the region.

These reasons for existence still hold true today, for despite the proliferation of both bank and non-bank financial institutions over the years, few can claim their ownership and control is so locally based and their investment and lending so locally focused.

What makes us different?

Provic members have a strong affinity with their investors and borrowers because of their local presence and local knowledge.

The closeness of the relationship allows a level of trust and understanding to develop that used to be inherent in bank/customers relations, before ATM’s, bank queues and fees became the norm.

Provic members welcome clients spending time in their office rather than out on the street. The same staff member opening a new client’s investment account will often be the one they’ll see when they come to make a deposit or withdrawal, or wish to talk about their loan or even the weather!

What can we do for you?

If you’re an investor, Provic members provide a range of investment options from 31 days notice  through to fixed term investments for terms up to 3 years. Interest rates are always very competitive with the market.

On the lending side, the emphasis is on flexibility with loans secured by registered mortgage over freehold property. Options such as interest only and re-draw are available.